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Online advertising & Internet marketing

For advertisers, Internet advertising offers a way to raise awareness, drive traffic to your site, even close sales. For webmasters, it can provide a helpful revenue stream. This page lists the Net's most popular CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), or CPA (cost per action) advertising networks, and also points you to some resources that offer pricing guidelines, ad design help, CTR comparisons, and an overview of the basics. If you have no budget for advertising, consider trying one or more of the banner exchanges listed below. And don't forget that an important part of promoting your site is submitting to the search engines.

Note: All of the programs listed below provide tracking and reporting. No matter which advertising model you choose, remember that an ad's success is measured by its click-through rate (CTR). To determine your ad's CTR, divide the number of people who click through to your site by the number of times the ad has been displayed. The average CTR is .5% to 2.5%.

Types of Advertising

Cost Per Impressions (CPM)

Raise awareness or promote your brand with these CPM programs. Priced per 1,000 displays of your ad.

DoubleClick FlyCast 24/7 Media Burst Media SmartAge ContentZone bCentral's Ad Store AdSmart OneMediaPlace Ad-Up AdsDaq ClickHouse HerAgency AdKnowledge Net-On

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Drive traffic to your site with these CPC programs. Performance-based. You pay only when people click through.

Google AdSense Program ValueClick Narrowcast Media Safe-Audit Advertising.Com (was TeknoSurf) eAds Click2Net

Affiliate Programs

Close sales with your own affiliate program. These companies will help you create a virtual sales force. CPC payment being replaced by CPA payment model. (CPA: you pay when a customer takes some action, such as registering or buying something, after clicking on the ad.)

LinkShare Shareasale Affinia bCentral ClickTrade

Banner Exchanges

Trade space on your web site for reciprocal exposure elsewhere. Usually a 2:1 ratio. Free.

LinkBuddies (500 free banners sign-up bonus, 4:3 ratio) 1for1 Media Exchange (1:1 ratio) bCentral LinkExchange (2:1 ratio) bPath BannerExchange Looksmartclicks BannerSwap HitExchange Link Trader Click2Net SmartAge SmartClicks BannerWomen Net-On EnSurge TradeBanners