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Has your computer slowed to a crawl? You could be infested with spyware that anti-virus software can miss. Run SpyBot Search & Destroy to inspect and clean your system.
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Spyware & Adware Popup Blockers, Filters & Killers

If you're like most surfers, you're probably sick and tired of those unsolicited pop-up ads that clutter up your desktop as you surf. This intrusive form of Internet advertising is not only annoying, it can cause a lot of confusion. Used for everything from sign-up prompts, reminders and surveys to advertisements flogging web cameras, casinos, and product upgrades, these things pop up upon entering or leaving many sites. Some - like other forms of Internet advertising - mimic the Windows system prompt, using fake OK buttons and other mock Windows controls to deliberately trick you into clicking through to the advertiser. You don't have to put up with these things if you don't want to. The Net offers a variety of tools for blocking or disabling popups, including the spyware removal software and popup blockers listed here. Most newer browsers come equipped with popup blockers, and these utilities are included in most Internet security products as well. Below are some resources you can try out. Be aware that blocking popups may impede functionality at some web sites.