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Finding Recipes & Recipe Search Tools

Finding recipes is easy on the Internet. The web abounds in sites devoted to recipe search and it's a snap to locate quick and easy recipes for just about anything, whether it's healthy food or something sinfully indulgent. There are thousands of databases and discussion groups that cater to all manner of epicurean tastes and/or dietary restrictions. From seasonal delights like Christmas cookies and summer barbeques to vegetarian, kosher or gluten or dairy free recipes, the resources listed here can help you find a recipe for any taste you can imagine, in seconds!

Got a taste for hot and spicy or a hankering for ethnic cuisine? From Greek, Italian, and Mexican to Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food, it's all out there online. Sites like Allrecipes.com not only let you search, but adjust ingredient quantities on the fly, read reviews, rate recipes, and much more. Check out this site, and the others listed below the next time you're wondering where to find a simple recipe to whip up something fast. Bon appétit.

Seasonal Recipes

Christmas Cookies

ChristmasCookies.com Christmas Baking with SusieJ AllRecipe.com Christmas Cookie Index PastryWiz.com Christmas Cookies AllHomemadeCookies.com

BBQ & Summer Entertaining

Barbecue'n.com Heintz Red Zone BBQSearch.com BBQSearch.com Sauces rec.food.recipes BBQ Sauce Recipe Archive AllRecipe.com BBQ Section Gary's BBQ Pit About.com's How to Grill Everything BBQ Search Online The Cook's Thesaurus: Edible Flower Garnishes eHow': Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Winter's Coming - Crockpots & Slow Cookers

Easy Slowcooker Recipes About's Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Index Crockpot.com Betty Crocker's Crockpot and Slow Cooker Collection

General Recipe Sites

Archives & Collections

AllRecipe.com RecipeZaar.com CooksRecipes.com Epicurious.com Martha Stewart Search Cooking.com Search Food.com Recipes Meals.com Meals For You Delightful Food (great jumplist) RecipeCenter.com Recipe Box YumYum rec.food.recipes newsgroup archive Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen Reluctant Gourmet

From the Print World

Canadian Living magazine Chatelaine magazine Better Homes & Gardens

Food Industry Ideas

Kraft Interactive Kitchen Betty Crocker Pillsbury Dole Foods Del Monte Foods Kelloggs Fleischmann's Breadworld Campbell's Soups Heinz Foods Recipes Kikkoman Soy Sauce Butterball Turkey Norbest Turkey Uncle Ben's Rice Godiva Chocolate Hersheys Chocolate Sunmaid Raisins Back of the Box Yahoo Name Brand Recipes

Deconstructing Popular Foods

Top Secret Recipes CopyKat

Food and Cooking Discussions

Better Homes & Gardens Boards Epicurious Boards CopyKat Boards Rec.food.recipes newsgroup AllRecipe.com Community

Glossaries & Other Resources

Cook's Thesaurus AllRecipe.Com Cook's Encyclopedia AllRecipe.com Metric Conversions AllREcipe.com Substitutions