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Quik Tip

Using Google to find a word definition? Try adding the word glossary to your query. This will help pull out specialized glossaries, which exist by the millions.

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Dictionaries, Translators, & Other Language & Reference Tools

Students and educators: Check out our invisible web and scholarly and academic research resources too! Locate books and textbooks through our books page.

Need a dictionary, encyclopedia, or thesaurus? Looking for a good collection of quotations, a ScrabbleTM dictionary, anagram engine, or acronym expander? From grammar, usage and style guides to etymological resources (the origins of words) — from encyclopedias and almanacs to why and how things work — the traditional library reference shelf is just clicks away! Most resources are free. Not only are the major English dictionaries available, there are dictionaries devoted to every language in the world! There are also specialized glossaries by industry, profession, or hobby. Encyclopedias are useful when you need a definitive information source, especially for science, history, geography or humanities topics. From Roget's and Bartlett's to jargon, slang, and rhyming dictionaries, all the resources you'll find at the library reference desk are online. Below are some examples.

Looking for online translation? Check out Systran. And feel free to download our travel translator. This printable Excel reference provides quick French, Spanish, Dutch, and German translations for common English travel terms.

Dictionaries (English)

Dictionary.Com Merriam-Webster (US) Oxford English Dictionary ($) American Heritage Dictionary Official Scrabble Dictionary AllWords Dictionary/Translator Encarta Dictionary Cambridge (UK) Information Please WordNet (Java version) Memidex Wordnik

Dictionaries & Translators (non-English)

SysTran TravLang: Translation Dictionaries TravLang: Foreign Languages for Travelers Ectaco Translation Dictionaries Langenberg Dictionaries Babylon.Com WorldLingo Languages on the Web ForeignWord.com Language Identifiers FreeTranslation.Com OneLook Dictionaries YourDictionary.com Cyber Hawaiian Dictionary Yahoo Language Dictionaries

Dictionary Collections

OneLook Dictionaries YourDictionary RefDesk Dictionaries Yahoo Dictionary List

Jargon & Slang Dictionaries

Alternative Dictionaries BuzzWhack Jargon Dictionary PseudoDictionary

Specialty Glossaries

Glossarist Babylon Glossaries ForeignWord (& English) Glossaries YourDictionary Specialty Glossaries Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms Cook's Thesaurus The ISM Book: Philosophy Glossary Glossary of Literary Terms Glossary of Grammatical Terms Science & Medical Dictionaries WebLens Medical Dictionaries (scroll down)

Thesauruses (Thesauri?)

Thesaurus.Com Roget's Visual Thesaurus Merriam-Webster


Bartlett's Quotations Simpson's Contemporary Quotations Famous Quotations IMDB Movie Quote Search QuoteLand.com BrainyQuote Moncur Quotations Search Quotations Archive Aphorisms Galore Quotez


Chiasmus EasyPeasy Anagram Engine Wordsmith Anagram Server Mag's Word Finder OneAcross Crosswords & Cryptograms Interactive Word Games Official Scrabble Dictionary Transparent