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Trying to fix those infuriating cross-browser inconsistencies? IE conditional comments make browser detection and stylesheet swapping easy. They're supported by IE 5 and later, and are gaining favour over earlier box model hacks for better standards compliance.
Get quality stock artwork and images for your next project

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HTML Web Design Tools: CSS, Javascript & Other Webmaster Resources

Web design tools and web development resources abound online, for novices and experienced webmasters alike. Below, you'll find web design jobs; HTML design tools, CSS and Javascript tutorials; web authoring tools; CSS showcase sites; blogs and primers on web site design; web usability, accessibility, and information architecture resources; bug fixes, hacks, and workarounds; and much more. Before you start coding, you might want to review some basics of good web site design and check out the sources of inspiration below. When the coding's done and you're happy with the design, you'll need to check out a hosting service, and don't forget to submit your site to search engines and directories so that you can get found online. And if you're looking for web design work, check out the links below and at top right, along with those on our jobs and elance pages.

Need a three-column Web template? Try this one. And if you're looking for a 3-column blog template, see the WebLens blog. We have three-column templates for Classic Blogger and New Blogger. All are tableless designs.

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Interactive HTML Cheat Sheet WebMonkey GettingStarted WebDeveloper.com WebReference.com Web Developer's Virtual Library WebReference.com Stylesheet & Scripting Tutorials HTMLGoodies: Javascript Tutorials WebMonkey: Mulder's Stylesheet Tutorial W3.org: What are Stylesheets? WebReview Builder.com Tucows HTML Primer SitePoint BigNoseBird eFuse GlassDog Mechanical Monkey Lynda.com iBoost DreamInk Willcam's HTML Cross-Reference Index Dot HTML BareBones Guide to HTML HTML Writers' Guild

Web Authoring Tools, Tips & Tricks

Elated.com Page Kits WebReview: Browser Compatibiliity Chart WebMonkey: Browser Compatibility Chart Lynda.com: Browser-safe Colours by Hue WebReference: Which Colour Palette? WebReview: The Myth of 800x600 Builder: Stupid Web Tricks How Do They Do That with HTML? Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts & Components

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ApeSmart ProjectCool/DevX DigitalThread SimpleBits Dave Shea's MezzoBlue **EchoEcho Webmasters Directory WebsiteGoodies Web Designer's Paradise HTMLGoodies HTMLCenter SiteExperts HTML Pit Stop ActiveWebmaster SpiderPro W3C.org HTML Validator

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Jakob Nielsen's UseIt.com What is Web Accessibility? W3C Web Accessibility Initiative 10 Usability Principles Research-based Usability Guidelines Usable Web User-Experience.org WebWord WebUsability.com.au AskTog